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Glazed Porcelain Pendants

Fred & Deb Becker, owners of Clay River Designs started their business on the Plains of Northern Colorado in 1973. Deb has always had an interest in art, especially working with color and design. Fred, having completed his Masters Degree in Art, was newly equipped with refined clay working techniques. They recognized early on that their varied talents would compliment each other in a full-time partnership of designing, developing, and marketing their jewelry and beads.

Logo - Clay River Designs
logo - Clay River Designs

Fred & Deb Becker
Fred & Deb Becker

While the Beckers process and products have evolved over the years their dedication to the use of quality materials, and the importance of a quality product have not changed. From the porcelain clay used in making the pendants and beads, to the gemstones, to the silver, everything they use to create their jewelry is a rare and wonderful treasure from the earth. Fred & Deb Becker call their business "Clay River Designs".

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Glazed Porcelain beads

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