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Jennifer Heynen

Glazed ceramic beads
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Jennifer Heynen
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I enjoy the entire process too much to let anyone help me. I make every bead myself. I start by hand forming the clay into the shape I want, whether it is a ball, cylinder, or flower. After the beads are slowly dried they are fired in an electric kiln to 2000 degrees. They are individually glazed with tiny brushes. After the underglaze colors are applied then two coats of clear glaze are painted on the bead. They are then placed back in the kiln for a second firing. This time on special bead holders designed by myself. After the second firing, I can hardly wait to open my kiln and see what small treasures I have created.   .   .   Jennifer Heynen

        Jennifer Heynen calls her business " Jangles "  clay and glass beads.

Beads shown above are included in the  Silverhawk Bead Collection

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  Jennifer Heynen
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